In advertising, the old saying goes, if you can’t put the idea down on a cocktail napkin, it’s not a big idea.

Introducing “miniature literature” – all you need to know about the Esrati campaign for Congress on a business card. Not only is it cost effective- it’s easy to have with you to share- with EVERYONE.

The reality is, Mike Turner has been in office for way too long, and the only folks he’s been working for is the Billionaires. We’ve been paying more for everything else, since he doesn’t believe in anti-trust, he bailed out the banks instead of the home owners in 2009, and the list goes on- including his vote against the affordable insulin act.

Mike Turner works “for the base” as he’s often quoted. That’s great, but- the biggest threats to your safety are catastrophic medical conditions, or- just the cost of insulin.

He’s helped out so many Billionaires that 27 of them decided to donate to him in 2022. I don’t even know a billionaire.

These handy dandy pieces of literature are now available to you to share with friends, neighbors and even people you don’t like- who think they should have the same health care as their congressman. You can pick them up at our campaign HQ- 100 Bonner St. Dayton OH 45410 between 9am and 6pm M-F, or check the events page for where Esrati will be speaking truth to power.

And, make sure you’re subscribed to his newsletter, where he shares ideas and thoughts about how to make America greater- without the billionaires telling him how to make them richer. Last but not least, even though I can make $1000 look like a million, I still need donations to be able to push my message out. Please consider donating.