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Elect Esrati 2024


18 Mar 2024 - we seem to be having an issue with parsing data.

I've been informed that I need to raise 6 figures before 2024, so I'm asking everyone who wants a Democratic majority in Congress to help me unseat our Congressman by default, Mike Turner.

I first ran in the same election he did in 1993, for Mayor of Dayton, when we were both unknowns.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks confused the two of us, and he got credit for a lot of the things I was talking about.

It's time to put someone who believes in workers, mothers, old folks, and children in Congress- instead of Mr. I love the Military Industrial Complex and Billionaires- Mike Turner.

Please consider donating on a recurring schedule, to help me show a base of support.

104,000 of you plus- voted for me in 2022 in my underfunded campaign. This time, I'll be ready, with your help,

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