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No one should blindly vote for any body. that being said, a voter information system doesn’t exist in America. That’s part of the reason elections cost so much. And while the League of Women voters tries to provide a “voters guide” it’s rarely more than a brief bio and a 100 words split between two questions.

Many voters are swayed by the words “endorsed candidate” from any number of groups. What does that mean exactly? Who elected those people to decide for you who the best candidate is for you?

That’s why I’ve been sharing my positions online since 2005- both on my blog, on my youtube channel and by providing very wordy campaign literature.

So before you decide to help with my campaign- please, take the time to go look at the other candidates sites and compare. I’ve made it easy, by providing links.

Learn about the candidates:

The incumbents:

Matt Joseph. First elected in 2004. This will be his fifth term. Brother of Russ Joseph, who is now the appointed County Treasurer.

Chris Shaw. First elected 2016. This would be his second term. Owns Shaw Cleaners on Germantown.


David Esrati. You’re on my campaign site now. I also have the blog that is the best read political blog in Dayton. Veteran, Businessman, Community Activist.

Shenise Turner-Sloss. Former City of Dayton employee, running for her second time.

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You can call voters, you can walk neighborhoods, you can request a sign by filling out the form below. Or, you can Donate, if you want the best politician money can’t buy.

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