Your CHOICES in 2024 for Congress in Ohio 10

Mike Turner

Mike Turner


Mike Turner doesn’t come talk to his constituents. He does come to talk to defense contractors who give him lots of money.
He’s been in Congress for 22 years. He was Dayton’s Mayor for 8.
He’s never had to worry about health care, payroll taxes, competing with big businesses getting tax breaks.

In 2022, he had 23 Billionaires donate to his campaign.
It’s time to change your congressman.
His site is

Amy Cox

Amy Cox

Dem Candidate

Amy ran last for OH dist 43, State Rep in 2022 in her native Preble County against Rodney Creech. Her website is

Yes, it’s legal to run for Congress in a district you don’t live in.

She is a former teacher, now working for Guided By Mushrooms.

Her first campaign report shows she runs with wealthy folks- with a much higher than average donation than her hero, Bernie Sanders and $10K from the IBEW. Somehow, she gets to hide some donors by mis-reporting them as “ActBlue”

Michael Harbaugh

Michael Harbaugh

Independent Candidate for Congress OH-10

Local food truck owner, Michael Harbaugh, collected over 4000 signatures to get on the ballot. His website is
The Dayton Daily news didn’t tell you about him making the ballot, I did on on April 10 2024.

I plan on doing a live Youtube interview of him soon.


Every house seat matters in 2024

maybe To those who voted for me in the primary- thank you.I urge you to join me in working hard to elect as many democrats as possible across this nation this fall.

I was running against a man who voted to keep George Santos in Congress. If that’s not reason enough to work to replace Mike Turner, just remember, he also defended Trump having classified documents in the bathroom at Mar-a-Lago, Turner leaked top secret information and tried to tell the president what to declassify, and more importantly voted against lowering the price of insulin for some Americans.

This site is here for history at this point. But, you could spend years reading about my battles with the local political powers who believe that the back rooms is where candidates win and lose, not by the will of the people. See which dates back to 2005.

I am gearing back up for 2026. But, until November- I’m working to get other Democrats elected. Please- subscribe to my email list, and buy a T-shirt!

If you don't like abortions ignore them like you do school shootings

I’m 100% Pro-Choice

Thankfully, voters approved Issue 1 in Ohio. But, we still need to resurect Roe V Wade. Doctors and women get to choose in my America, not Republican Congressmen like Turner.

My opponent, 10 Term incumbent, Mike Turner (R) has an A+ rating from the Susan B Anthony Pro Life America Group.

Our elections are rigged.

Donald Trump should be ineligible to serve- no more Federal judges, politicians over 70
Joe Biden should be ineligible to serve- no more Federal judges, politicians over 70

And What we need to do to change THEM!

By the time we got to the presidential primary in Ohio, the decision had been made for us. It’s time to end the rule of tiny states like Iowa and New Hampshire. One primary, nationwide, with RANKED CHOICE voting is the only way to fix the system. And, considering more Americans are neither D or R, let the independents in on the vote as well. Top two candidates for the run-off.

But, more importantly, it’s time to place a mandatory retirement age of 70 on every Federal office- from judges to presidents.

But, let’s be 100% clear, stuck with a choice between Trump and Biden, Biden HAS to win if we hope to have any kind of a democracy.

I’m running against a man who voted to keep George Santos in Congress. If that’s not reason enough to support my 2nd run against Missile loving Mike Turner, just remember, he also defended Trump having classified documents in the bathroom at Mar-a-Lago, and voted against lowering the price of insulin for some Americans.

This site is getting a makeover. But, you could spend years reading about my battles with the local political powers who believe that the back rooms is where candidates win and lose, not by the will of the people. See which dates back to 2005.

I am gearing back up for 2024. But, this time, I’m going to have you all in it with me from the start. Please- subscribe to my email list, consider a small recurring donation, and buy a T-shirt!


Weekly, no fear updates from the campaign. Unsubscribe at any time.

Republicans aren't better at business. They are better at giving your tax dollars to billionaires.

I’m not worried about Artificial Intelligence, I’m worried about the Average Intelligence of American voters, who seem to think that voting for Republicans like Mike Turner is somehow good for them. The Republicans can’t ever seem to set a budget, they won’t tax the Billionaires, they refuse to address health care costs, food costs, or child care costs- all rising- because they don’t believe in anti-trust, or consumer protection. Donald Trump may go down as one of the worst businessmen ever, once the fraud is fully uncovered. The bankruptcies, the unpaid bills, the fraudulent accounting- yet, somehow, there are people who call him a great businessman. There are also people who say he’s the second coming- including my opponent, Mike Turner.

We have a problem in Government in America, it’s called “Citizens United” which has allowed the Billionaires to give us the best politicians money can buy. There are only 7 Billionaires in Ohio- and I don’t know a single one of them. Since Turner’s been in office, the US has almost 4x more Billionaires. I’ve played Monopoly, You’ve played Monopoly- you know what happens when one person owns everything…

Turner's Billionaires

Over 19  27 Billionaires have backed Mike Turner this year, here’s 13.

Turner has raised 79% of his money from out of state

Compare his donors to mine and see who Mike Turner works for. With an average donation of $1,617.61 he's in another league. See the complete lists of donors here.

Our elections are rigged.

RADICAL PARADIGM SHIFT: Consumers should get paid for the ads they see

Your info shouldn't get sold without you getting paid

As we move to an economy where jobs are getting replaced by AI and robots, the last thing that you have control over is your time and your purchasing decisions.

Currently, Meta, Alphabet, Amazon and an entire industry of “Data Brokers” – from credit reporting to political targeting services are making fortunes selling access to you.

The only person not making a dime is the consumer. You are but a digital sharecropper online- being tracked and followed while others pay to know everything about you and to sell to you based on their spying.

By creating a user agent, that you control, you can let as few or as many companies have access to your data- for a percentage of what they chage/pay. This also would allow for verification of age – so that children don’t get sold porn, vapes or booze or worse.

It’s time to give control of what we see back to us, and stop making more billionaires.

Candidates team up to “Funk The System”

If you are tired of the wealthy picking your politicians for you- watch this video by David Esrati, Eric Price, Amy Cox, Addison Caruso, and Megan Overman who have joined to build a site to show we have the best politicians money can buy.
Visit to learn more

No, the Democratic party didn’t make this, nor did they help us, we stepped forward, together, to fight the influence of the wealthy on our community.

If you want to help, share it. Donate to the candidates. Join our campaigns on the Reach app.


Share the video

A Daily LiveStream Townhall? Whodathunkit?

See the Latest…

Since Mike Turner hasn’t had a town hall in 20 years, I went all out. For over 90 days at 4pm EST I discussed a different topic- and answered your questions on youtube
We’ll start back up in 2024

And once I’m your congressman, I’ll continue- at the end of every day, I’ll tell you what happened in Congress, what I did, and let you know what’s up for the next day, and ask for your input and insight. How’s that for Elected Representation?

Endorsed in 2024 by...

Voters. Not, parties, not people in a back room, not billionaires from out of state, not by organizations that have something to get out of it. After the primary, hopefully, organizations will pay attention to the voice of the people, and support the ideas and ideals I stand for.
If you want to spread the news of my candidacy and support the things you see here- please consider donating.

 Why should a business have to pay a fee to pay their employees taxes? Isn’t that a ridiculous bunch of hooey? Why shouldn’t a small business just be able to enter their employees hours- and pay them through a government site- no fines, no late fees, no cost to use- and it automatically goes into whatever accounting software you use.
CRAZY idea? Wrong. It’s just one of the ways that big businesses can keep small businesses small.

This whole health care thing? Amazing how the government could afford to pay for vaccines against Covid, but, can’t make sure that insulin or health insurance is affordable? Small business can’t compete with Amazon in negotiating health care coverage- so, why not just institute health care for all and level the playing field.  Sorry, it’s time to pay doctors and nurses instead of insurance paper pushers and stuffed suits “running” hospitals.

The whole game of taxpayers gambling on “economic development” or “incentives” or “grants” for businesses to move, like NCR or Intel- in or out of Ohio has to stop. If a public company gets some sort of tax break, or tax incentive, there has to be a strict ratio of employee pay of no more than 10-1 in the company from lowest paid to highest paid. And, no incentive can be given if it isn’t available to all companies- large or small. It’s not the taxpayers job to subsidize one business over another.

And lastly, it’s time to stop letting politicians self-report donations to their campaigns. We need registration for donors, and donations listed in real time, available to all to see, so you know who your politicians are really working to please.

If this sounds good to you, consider making a donation, to the only congressman who’s not for sale to the highest bidder.


No cost payroll tax software

Why should small business have to pay to pay payroll taxes? They shouldn’t. A universal filing system will being efficiencies to help small businesses compete.

Fair Use of Our Tax Dollars

Why should small business help subsidize bringing Intel to Columbus? It’s time that all “Incentives, Economic Development, or public private partnerships” have strict parameters and are open to all businesses- equally.

End April 15th

Who would ever think that having everyone file taxes on the same date was a good, or efficient idea? It’s time to make tax prep and filing a year round activity.

Watch the NY Times video about our arcane tax filing system below.

Health care options for small business

Let’s be clear, I want universal health care for all. But, if we can’t do it right away, let let small businesses buy coverage through Medicare. No other business operates the way health care in America does- a different price for every procedure based on who you pay a vig to, or who your boss chooses to buy your health care from.

Campaign finance reporting in Real time

Knowing who bought your congressman is critical, and letting them self-report is criminal. It’s time to build a system that takes the guesswork out.


David Esrati, Candidate for Congress OH10 gun control ad


As a junior congressman, I won’t have a lot of power to introduce legislation, but I will tell you the things I will support. I will always come down on the side of open, honest, transparent government of the highest integrity. I will work for the people, not the people with money. And I will work with anyone dedicated to making the following things a reality:

Election reform.

There are all sorts of problems caused by our broken election system: gerrymandering, polarization, and a complete lack of voter confidence. We can solve these issues with election systems such as ranked-choice voting with a verified “Voter Information System. We also need to rid ourselves of any electoral systems that favor “major” parties over third-parties and independents.

Regulate Politicians.

Our current politicians want to regulate all sorts of things but don’t seem to think any rules ought to apply to them. Politics is about the future, not the past. Politicians should have a mandatory retirement age of 70. We should also regulate their donations by creating a real-time donor registration system that handles the money and record keeping. Politicians should also be forbidden from owning stock in any company that has a government contract/grant or has applied for a government contract/grant.
And, thanks to George Santos- maybe pass a background check before getting on the ballot?


I am not Mike Turner.

I am running to be your REPRESENTATIVE to the House of Representatives. That means I will meet with you, your groups, be involved in the community and report back to you daily on what I’ve been doing. I’ve been livestreaming daily M-F at 4pm EST as part of the campaign, where you can interact with me. I plan to continue the livestreams once in Congress, to tell you what happened each day- and what I did for you, and to get your feedback,

Choice and Health Care

I believe in the right to choose what to do with your body – this isn’t just abortion rights, it also means that your health care isn’t controlled by anyone other than you and your doctor. I believe in health care, not health insurance. Note, this doesn’t apply fully to vaccines. We vaccinate to protect all of us. This is how Mumps and Polio and at least 12 others went away. There are somethings we do for each other as Americans, not for ourselves.

Small Business is Big Business

Small businesses create more jobs and a more diverse and stable economy. Anything that the government requires a small business to do- such as managing payroll tax collection to competing for Federal projects, must be on a playing field where size doesn’t give the bigger company an instant advantage. I’m a small businessman, and I know the pains government inflicts on us.
It’s time to dust off the anti-rust laws too. Monopoly is a fun board game, but bad for our country.

Open Records- Sunshine at every level

Government should provide open records except in very limited cases related to national security. Government officials—including law enforcement—should not be allowed to lie or keep secrets from citizens.

Privacy is Valuable and a Basic Right

Privacy is a right and should be treated as such. If a social media or advertising company cannot stay in business without violating the privacy of users, then they should not be in business. If they profit from your information, you should share in their proceeds.

Donor Registration System

We have voter registration to stop people from voting, but we don’t have donor registration to make sure we know who is buying our leaders.

Protecting your home

Your home should never be treated like a share of stock by a bank. An American has the right to own their home, without being taxed out of it, or thrown out of it by the sheriff. We need foreclosure reform in addition to lending reform.

Responsible Gun Ownership

I believe in the first part of the 2nd amendment “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”. And I’m going to be an “originalist” and say “Constitutional carry” applies to flintlock pistols and muzzle loaders. Anything else- it’s single shot, single action or you better be fighting a war as part of that “Well regulated militia”. Note, I believe legal gun ownership, should only be provided to those who have served in the military, and undergone the extensive training and evaluation that comes with it. Weapons of war are for the military, not for hobbyists or “self-defense.” Safe gun storage is in an armory. Note, these are my personal beliefs, and I doubt they would ever be legislated. My goal is to level the playing field for small business- not waste time trying to pry weapons out of gun nuts hands. However in light of the recent shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, I issued a real proposal for Constitutional Gun Control- and how to implement it using the 14th Amendment. See the link GunControl

Criminal Justice Reform

Being rich and white will no longer be a get out of jail free card. I can’t believe that our entire prison system is full of poor people and the mentally ill by anything other than our disdain for equality. We jail too many people for trying to survive- instead of for crimes against the community. Former Dayton City Commissioner Joey Williams violated our public trust accepting bribes while in public office- he got 3 months in prison. $130M went missing from Wright State and no one was charged.

A new generation of leaders

There should be a mandatory age of retirement for members of congress. I believe elections should serve as term limits, but if someone good comes along, it should be up to the voters. But, since we are entrusting our future to politicians, they shouldn’t be over 70.

I belong to the people of OH-10

I will not be owned by lobbyists, corporations, defense contractors, or tolerate insurrectionists who don’t believe our elections are valid.

New protections for the Gig Economy

If we are indeed a gig economy, I guarantee that no worker who is told what to do, when to be there, and how to do it, is anything but an employee and should be treated as such.

Open Government (Open Source + Transparency)

The government should be open. It should use open-source software solutions so as not to be beholden to the titans of the digital world. This includes everything from electronic medical records systems, to the tools of government (elections software, agenda tools for public bodies) and even accounting tools to help manage small business.

When you are the product

If you are the product, as in your data, the content you generate, the ads you watch on their platform, you should get paid for your creations like Youtube does. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram etc would be nothing without you- and you should get a share of a majority of the profits (at least 51% and have voting power). Social platforms should be owned by the community, not the censors.

Mandatory public service

Every American must do a year to 18 months of public service at 18- be it in the military, or in a civilian conservation corps, or caring for our elderly, or providing childcare. Being an American requires time spent in the service of our freedoms. In exchange for a job well done, 2 years of college will be paid for.

Affordable Higher Education

College should be affordable and not a debt sentence. We can make sure that a public education is available to all, with the first 2 years paid for in exchange for public service and the 2nd two years with interest free loans, repayable based on your income level after graduation.

Health care for all

No American should have to choose between health care and bankruptcy. Insulin shouldn’t cost 15x more than in any other country. I believe in single payer, universal health care. If we can’t do that right away- we can as an interim step, allow small businesses to buy into medicare to balance the playing field as we begin the giant undertaking of retraining the entire medical insurance industry into health care providers instead of deniers and unnecessary overhead.

Sustainable Development and protecting the environment

The environment matters. I believe in clean energy, emission free vehicles, free public transit, recycling, electric high-speed rail, ending sprawl, and locally grown organic food. We have to fight climate change now.

Equal Rights

LBGQT+ rights is summed up pretty well except the use of the word “Man” in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [people] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
But, I don’t just support LBGQT+ equal rights, we need to make sure that women and minorities are also given protections for equal pay for an equal days work. We’re not there yet.

Congressman Mike Turner doesn't work for you.

On Jan 6th 2021, our Capitol was attacked. Mike Turner was inside, and he ran and hid. While brave Capitol Police officers fought and died to protect Turner and his fellow Trumpers, they voted against certifying the very election that put them in power. They refused to hold Trump accountable for his part in the insurecction.  The constitution is clear what the penalties are for both sedition and treason: 18 USC Ch. 115: TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES
It’s time to elect someone who was willing to swear their life to protect the US Constitution, a military veteran, who understands that this country runs on trust first.

REJECTED DEM CHOICES IN THE MAR 19, 2024 Democratic Primary

Tony Pombo

Tony Pombo

Dem Candidate

Tony lives in Beavercreek and owns Circuits Alive.
Feb 1, 2024 Tony launches his website. He admitted to me at the Ohio Democratic Party screening that he “has no idea of what he’s doing” but is tired of Congress not representing us.

I took the headshot with my camera, and offered to help.

David Esrati

David Esrati

Dem Candidate

Dem Candidate 2022 for OH-10.

David Esrati has been fighting for the little guy since he moved to Dayton, bought a home for $14,500 and got taken to court for putting up the wrong kind of garage doors in an unmarked “Historic District.” He’s been arrested by Mike Turner, who he ran against in Turners first run for office.
He’s challenged the political machine- over and over. From School Board members not living in the district, illegal meetings and increases in taxes to take public money to fund quasi-government with zero oversight.
He’s been publishing since 2005- which uncovers Dayton’s dirty little secrets. He is a US Army veteran. He owns The Next Wave ad agency.
He’s hung over 600 free green basketball nets – to force the city to start taking care of the kids.
He’s started 2 non-profits to reform our democracy.
A 501(c)(3) The Modern Policy Institute and
a 501(c)(4) Reconstructing Dayton

You are on his campaign site.
His Youtube channel is: Elect Esrati on Youtube He holds a daily livestream townhall at 4pm M-F, tune in.
Reconstructing Dayton interviews David Esrati video link

Joseph S. Kuzniar

Joseph S. Kuzniar

Dem Candidate

Joe is a a retired Air Force Lt. Col living in Enon. He’s spoken publicly about his outrage that the Wright Patt AFB library was closed. He’s 80+ years old.
He has no website, or online presence. He did answer the Ballotpedia questions.

Here is a video of him speaking at the Northwest Dayton Dem meeting.

I had to help him download his petitions and explained how to collect signatures and file them.

You can read the Dayton Daily News article about all 4 Dem Challengers on this site (no paywall). Click here.