For Immediate Release 14 Feb 2024

Today, Congressman Michael Turner, R Ohio-10th district, decided that he alone should speak for the entire intelligence community about an issue of National Security and his actions may have put an intelligence asset at risk of exposure.

A meeting was already scheduled with the “Gang of 8” for tomorrow, in a SCIF, to discuss this material according to Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser.

As Turner’s potential opponent in November, and a veteran, I find this to be yet another example of his grandiose delusions of self-importance that he’s displayed consistently since narrowly winning the Mayor’s seat in Dayton back in 1993, where I was one of his primary opponents. This misplaced arrogance is nothing new for Turner, he’s believed himself to be above the law as long as he’s been in power, including when he had me arrested illegally for a silent protest against his illegal secret meetings of the Dayton City Commission.

Turner also defended former President Trump’s mishandling of classified documents and the coverup of their existence on national television. Considering the choice to release the classified material to all members of congress before the meeting with the “Gang of 8” to discuss this matter with the National Security Adviser and key military leaders borders on treason. Considering there are members of congress who couldn’t pass a standard background check, the release of this information was reckless and the actions only a misguided megalomaniac would consider. Being a member of congress does not confer a security clearance, nor should it. The release of the info to all members of Congress is therefore an unauthorized leak.

I hope the members of the “Gang of 8” and the rest of the National Security team explain to Mr. Turner that no one elected him Commander in Chief, or that he should be going to the media with matters of what he claims are critical global security matters, and that his actions could be putting the source of the intelligence in jeopardy. Turner should be censured and it should be evaluated whether he is fit to serve on the House Intelligence Committee in the future.

David Esrati, Candidate for Congress OH-10