I went to speak at the MCDP screening committee last night. I didn’t print 50 copies- but instead distributed a link and a QR Code to this post. I didn’t see any interest by the committee in looking at it. The post published at 6:44pm just before my assigned time- but they were at least 15 minutes late. Montgomey County Judicial candidate Angie Jackson preceded me, Jacqueline V. Gaines showed up while I was waiting, and Tony Schoen was there when I left. There are 6 candidates for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (1) UTE 7/1/2025, yet- these 40 people in the room think they should get to pick who our next judge is. Yet, every other judgeship- with an incumbent, runs unopposed, because of the illegal semi-secret deal the parties worked out. Unfortunately, there is going to be a seat where the Dems get to appoint a judge- so this field of 3 – one is going to be a judge without you ever voting for them.

I’m bewildered by why the party would say these are confidential- or why this process is shrouded in secrecy. Of course, I strongly believe the parties role in primaries should be to get voters to the polls, excited to select the VOTERS choice- in who to advance, not the 40 odd people in the closed room. I taped my speech. I was heckled once.

These are the answers of David Esrati, one of 4 Democratic Party Candidates for Congress in the district held by Mike Turner, currently called Ohio-10

Thank you for requesting an interview with the MCDP Screening Committee.  MCDP Screening will meet on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at MCDP HQ, 313 S. Jefferson St., Dayton, OH 45402.

You are requested to provide a current resume and a completed questionnaire to Democratic Headquarters at 313 S. Jefferson St., Suite 102, Dayton, OH 45402 by close of business on Tuesday,  March 22, 2022 OR you will need to supply approximately fifty copies of each I’m giving them a QR code to this link. No need to waste paper.

At the Screening Committee Meeting on March 23rd, each candidate will meet individually with the committee – please see the attached agenda with your appointment time. 

You are asked to speak for no more than 5 minutes in favor of your candidacy and endorsement, which will be followed by approximately 5 minutes of Q&A.  Appointments will be scheduled in 15-minute blocks starting at 6:30 p.m.

As specified by the MCDP Constitution & By-laws, after meeting with each candidate, the Screening Committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee.  The motion Executive Committee will vote on is a straight up or down vote on Screening’s recommendation.  At the Central Committee meeting at 7:00 p.m. on March 24, 2022 (which will be at our office, 313 S. Jefferson St.), Central Committee members will vote on a motion to accept Screening Committee’s recommendation, noting the vote by Executive Committee, but not bound by it.  The Central Committee motion must pass by 2/3 of the members present.

Your answers to this questionnaire will remain confidential.  After the interview process all copies will be collected by the Chair of the Screening Committee and subsequently destroyed.

Should you have any questions regarding the questionnaire or the process, please contact Zach Zugelder, 937-272-3494.

Name: David Esrati
Address: 113 Bonner St
City: Dayton St: OH Zip: 45410
Mobile: 937-985-1312
Office Sought: Congress, OH 10

2020 MCDP Screening Committee Questionnaire

What is (are) your reason(s) for becoming a candidate for this office?

Because if you are going to send people to lose against Mike Turner- why not send one who will actually question Turner and make him miserable.

What do you feel will be the major issue(s) in your campaign and what is your position on it (them)?

Small business – level the playing field. No more payroll toll to pay taxes.
Campaign finance reform- so billionaires and lifer politicians can’t hide their relationships.
Accessible health care options for small business- buy in to Medicare.
End governmental “economic development” that favors large business- must be one rubric for all tax incentives.

Stop the insanity of April 15th– distribute filing deadlines throughout the year. Helps small businesses and stops tax preparers from going crazy.

What resources do you have for your candidacy? (examples: money, time, volunteers)

I can raise money- and make it go farther. I can produce videos, effectively target my ads to voters, and print cheaper than anyone else.

Minorities, women, organized labor, and the poor have always been important constituents of the Democratic Party. Please indicate any programs or initiatives you will propose regarding these groups if you are elected.

The democratic  party in Ohio seems to be more interested in getting its own “Friends and Family” members elected- and has ignored the needs of the poor, the minorities, women and even organized labor. Right now- the only person saving this state is a term limited Republican Supreme Court justice. I think the first program and initiative I’d make is to force ranked choice voting so people stop having to choose between shitty candidates advanced by both parties in low turnout primaries.

Do you support the rights of all workers to organize and bargain collectively? Please list specific involvement with or support of organized labor.
I grew up son of a union steward. I walked a picket line when I was 8 or 9. I believe in the rights of workers to organize and bargain collectively- however, the most important thing I can support right now is the rights of small business to have access to affordable health care through an optional Medicare buy in plan.

What is your position on access to safe, legal abortion?

I support it- however, this isn’t an issue to be discussed for a 1 of 435 candidate. The bigger question is how do we undo the injustice done to Merrick Garland? Do we stack the court?

Do you support laws that prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals? Do you support marriage equality?

Again- another hot button topic. Totally irrelevant. Of course I support marriage equality- and equality for all. I do not support trans athletes who have gone through puberty as a male- competing against women.
Have you been endorsed by any other organization(s)? If so which?

I think the endorsements should wait until there have been debates- or some kind of open, transparent voter information system in place to evaluate candidate. The first right to endorse must be the primary process- open to the voters in the district. Then- big money can decide if my candidacy is worth their members assistance. I don’t accept donations from PACs or Special Interests- that includes unions.
What involvement have you had with the Democratic Party and its candidates?

I’ve been an ELECTED member of this party for 3 terms- in contested elections. I’ve worked to help unendorsed candidates beat your friends and family candidates. I’ve refused to play your game for over 30 years. This party has endorsed and supported people who were convicted as criminals once in office.
Are you willing to work for the endorsed candidates even if you do not receive the endorsement of the Montgomery County Democratic Party?

I’m willing to work for the candidates chosen by the primary process

Do you have any questions, comments or concerns for the Screening Committee?

Funny, I don’t remember voting for any of you to be on this committee. I also don’t remember being asked who should be the new executive director. And, how come no one was fired for sending out the hate mailings against Shenise and Darryl?
Oh, and one other thing, why is Mat Heck our prosecutor- and in control of so many seats and jobs in this orginization? When my office manager stole $35K from me, and $3K from the Service disabled veteran that I take care of- despite overwhelming amounts of evidence in my case- and very few things in his, she was no true bill for the larger crime- and guilty of stealing $3K. Mat Heck is a mobster. He doesn’t belong in office- or in this party.
And equal opportunity- why is Phil Plummer a State Rep right now- instead of in prison for torturing citizens, not convicted of an crime, in the Montgomery County Jail? And where was your candidate to oppose Rob Streck?
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.