One of the things that my opponent refuses to do is actually meet with the people he represents. He’s got a 20 year track record of zero town halls.

The minimum donation to his campaign is $500 and the average is over twice that.

So I thought I’d put technology to work. I started doing a livestream every day at 4pm, Monday – Friday, on Youtube. Yes- you can ask questions (no, no one has done it yet). The videos are then online in our “livestream” playlist. We’ve started gaining subscribers and the view counts are going up.

But, what’s not going up fast enough is our campaign kitty. I’ve still not heard from the State or National Democratic Party- even though my win margin is statistically impossible to fail.

I did hear from my first PAC yesterday and I talked about it in yesterday’s livestream:

They believe my district is now one of the prime targets to go from red to blue- if we have a viable candidate. I’m hoping after our talk- and my (private for now) video about how Mike Turner voted against the affordable insulin act sways them.

Hopefully- you believe I’m the corruption fighting, independent thinking, small businessman, veteran, activist that’s right for the job- and you’ll find a few bucks to send my way.

Please consider hitting the donate button below and help us get our campaign rolling on all cylinders.

Look to this Sunday’s Dayton Daily News for a feature story about the disabled veteran I take care of- and the community who has helped me take him from homeless, car less, phone less and broke without benefits- to owning 2 homes, a car, a phone and full medical care. If it doesn’t run this week- maybe next Sunday.

Thank you



David Esrati

Candidate for Congress and small business.