I’m in advertising. And, I hate political ads.

If politicians had to abide by the same “Truth in Advertising” laws I had to- we wouldn’t have the politicians we have.

The primary is coming up May 3.
I need to reach voters – using highly targeted IP ads. :30 second ones.

Oh, the irony.
Because I’m in advertising, I know how to do this- only people who are most likely to vote in the primary.
No waste, no over reach, and cheaper than any other candidate you could back.

The spot is called “David Esrati Congressman?”

I hope you take the time to watch it, share it, and talk to your friends and people who are sick of political ads, and a system that doesn’t work for us anymore.

What’s more important is that I also started a non-profit a few years ago- The Modern Policy Institute. It’s goal is to build systems that make political advertising unnecessary- a real voter information system, coupled with ranked choice voting.

So, you can forward this email to your friends: https://electesrati.com/civicrm/mailing/forward/?reset=1&jid=&qid=&h=fakehash

You can reply back to me, if you’d like to help.

Or most importantly, you can hit the green button below and contribute to the campaign. I need about $3000 to start running this spot.

May 3rd Democratic voters will have 4 choices on who to advance to take on Republican Mike Turner.
And I guarantee you- none of the others will make Turner more miserable than I will.

Thank you-


David Esrati

Candidate for Congress and small business.