Brent Johnson and Josh Stucky are two of my favorite people. They were my neighbors in South Park for years, and they helped make South Park what it is today. When they opened their salon in the Cannery with their partner Doug, they called it “Square One” because that’s where everyone has to start out. I’d say they’ve moved to about square 200 at this point with multiple locations in multiple cities and a centralized call center. It’s been amazing watching them work.¬†Even though he’s a salon owner, Josh is also an amazing and awarded elementary school teacher in the Kettering Schools. I think the world of elementary school teachers- there isn’t a more challenging job out there, nor one more honorable.

They are also founding members of the Rubi Girls- an amazing cabaret of drag queens that perform to raise money to help cure AIDs.

When I told Brent what I was up to with the nets and hoops Dayton he immediately volunteered a donation and it came by mail. That’s why no picture of him holding a poster (yet)- and they also have a policy of no politics in the salon- but, that’s ok- they are keeping me in nets for a while with their nice donation.

The site is and the Downtown Dayton location is at 506 E. Third St Dayton OH 45402, the appointment number is (937) 461-2222.

Thanks guys!