The problem with regionalism in our region, is with a few exceptions, no local jurisdiction is setting the world on fire. I consider Kettering as the leader in providing a balanced set of amenities and services with strong schools and a solid value proposition. It’s Dayton’s challenge to begin to lead by example by delivering a world class service/value proposition that makes our surrounding communities want to join us, not because they have to. I have bold ideas on how to leverage our weaknesses into strengths and change the regions perception of Dayton. Look to my site for examples: Regionalism

In 2018 I started a 501c4 non-profit, “Reconstructing Dayton” which started doing research on the multiple jurisdictions and the actual costs to tax payers. We found that the 6 municipal court sites each cost about $100,000 to build- yet, none allow online filing. That some city managers cost every soul in a city $25 a year- for that kind of money, they ought to shovel your walk at least once.

I believe we need to have much more effective collaboration between jurisdictions and work toward uni-gov if Dayton is to thrive again.