Napoleon's barber Shop, Mike Roman,

Napoleon’s Barber Shop want’s to make sure no kid has to shake the pole to get his ball back

Mike Roman owns Napoleon’s Barber Shop at 4156 Germantown Pike, Dayton Oh 45417. You can call him at 937-263-3030 or just stop in.

That’s what I did one day after having lunch at Napoleon’s Palace (Pork tenderloin sandwich is great) and Mike listened to my pitch and asked me to stop back in on Saturday. I did, and he sponsored 5 nets.

He picked the poster with the kid from the Salem Heights park- the ones who are in the video talking about how with their old net, they had to shake the pole to get their ball back. Thanks to Mike sponsoring me, I’ve got five more nets to hang so no kids have to shake anymore poles. Thanks Mike.