The federal reserve just jacked up the price of credit for every American who has credit card debt (hint- it’s not the people who buy congress). That’s to “help curb inflation”- are you kidding me?

Want to curb inflation- stop allowing monopolies and duopolies and price fixing. Deregulation was a disaster- where there are now just 3 companies that control international shipping. See this NY Times article:

Or- maybe slow the roll of the Wall Street Wizards in their casino. Imagine if the capital markets actually had requirements to hold an investment for at least a year? Tax the profits on anything held less than a year with a 10% tax. And, if they lose money- 2%.

Guaranteed things get fixed quick.

But, if you think the price of gas is too high- just be glad your car doesn’t run on insulin. Those prices went through the roof. My opponent, Mike Turner, voted against the affordable insulin act recently- not that capping the price of insulin for those with insurance was enough. We already have 1 in 4 diabetics rationing their insulin- with expensive and deadly results. My neighbors sister Megan, an LPN, died on Christmas day 4 years ago- because she ran out of insulin.

Here’s the spot. It’s not public yet- nor is the media plan- so please just share with trusted friends.

So- with your help, we’re going to start running this ad on gas pumps throughout the district. We’re going to let everyone know that voting for Mike Turner Kills Americans. Really. Now, I’m still waiting on the proposal to find out the cost, but, I probably need a few thousand more in the kitty by Tuesday.

Thank you for everything you’ve done- even if it’s just read this email (My open rate btw is averaging about 40% – unheard of in the ad industry).

I look forward to working for you- and saving American lives right here at home.




David Esrati

Candidate for Congress and small business.