This is a private post. It’s for the readers of my newsletter.

I’ll start with the easiest one first: I’m voting for myself for Congress in Ohio 10. I don’t know what the carpetbagger has done for Dayton- and she couldn’t answer questions at the South Dayton Democrats Forum that were fundamental issues. She’s never disclosed who put her up to running (some mysterious group). She’s had money handed to her- but, who knows what shes done with it. This video sums up her skill set:

Amy Cox video

Dayton Issue 6- No. Come back when the “preschool promise” taxes all the suburbs it serves- has elected oversight- and funds Dayton Public Schools 5 star pre-schools.

The State Rep race to replace Willis Blackshear Jr in the OH-38th district is the final election- it’s not a primary, there is no Republican- and I’ve not heard of an independent getting signatures. Between NAACP president Derrick Foward and Desiree Tims it’s a no brainer- if you vote for Derrick- you’re voting without a brain. Tims is intellectually a giant in this race- she’s well versed in politics and would be a fantastic voice of the people. I don’t care who endorsed either candidate- talk to these folks over time as I have and you know who will do the best job.

In the race in the 36th district to take on Andrea White in the fall- it’s between the biggest breath of fresh air- Rose Lounsbury and a old political name Chuck Horn. Last time out White spent half a mill to barely beat Addison Caruso- and watching Rose there is no clue, she’s got a real chance of shutting down White.

The fact that the dems couldn’t get candidates on the ballot to take on Tom Young or Phil Plummer says more about the incompetence of the party than anything.

In the State Senate race in the new 6th district- where the R’s were nice enough to shove Niraj Antani out- you have three choices. The district skews blue, and Charlotte McGuire isn’t a tough challenger. I’m not in love with any of the three dems. The most experienced is Jocelyn Rhynard- who is on the Dayton School Board. She runs solid campaigns is absolutely pro-choice and did an amazing job on Issue 1, however, I have a hard time voting for anyone who supported Libby Lolli for 6 years and kept giving her raises. However, Jocelyn will have my vote.

Willis Blackshear Jr. hasn’t shown that he can run a campaign- he was basically given his seat by the party. He’s not really been active in the community- and has no track record. He’s riding on his father’s name- nevermind the FBI was tailing his dad in the culture of corruption investigation. I can’t vote for him- despite his respectable work record in the house.

Jyl Hall is riding her daddy’s coattails. I’ve lost all respect for Tony Hall in that he’s never helped anyone take on Turner- and he basically gave Turner the seat in the first place. Hall calls herself “Dr.” with a divinity degree- I find that totally out of place in politics (same goes for Derrick Foward). She’s only been on Kettering Council for 2 years- and I’ve not heard anything good about working with her.

In the one contested supreme court race- Terri Jamieson gets my vote over Lisa Forbes. I met her while running two years ago- and she’s more experienced. I don’t agree with the Ohio Dem Party endorsing in primaries- that’s what primaries are for- so you can endorse.

In the Montgomery County Commission race between lifer politician Judy Dodge and neophyte Youssef A. Elzein, I can’t vote for Dodge. Her and Debbie Lieberman are a walking sunshine law violation daily. Because it’s a 3 person commission, when 2 are together- it’s a quorum- and those two are inseparable. Neither candidate gave good answers at the candidates forum- but, considering Dodge has been doing this for a lifetime- she’s out of excuses. I’m voting for Elzein.

No matter that he doesn’t have a challenger- I will never vote for Gerald Parker for judge. I won my case in front of him, despite every effort on his part to play stupid. For the record, all SECURITY CAMERAS GENERATE TIME CODE. Parker also denied my attorney’s fees. He’s a political tool with a lifetime appointment to the bench thanks to our really bad political backroom deals in Montgomery County.

And, that’s all the races I can give insight on.