Election Day is Nov 5th. Vote truth to power.

Since 2005, David Esrati has helped uncover and expose what the FBI called a “CULTURE OF CORRUPTION” in Dayton. His work has  received national and international attention, featured in the Washington Post and beyond. Your tax dollars and your trust have been abused to benefit those in power, and it’s time to stop them. Those who have been part of the problem and managed to avoid prison (for now) have the audacity to run for re-election when they should be resigning in disgrace. If they were somehow unaware of what was happening, that means they’re incompetent and unfit for the position. Dayton needs a reset.

That is why David is running. Not as the first step to a long political career, not to enrich himself or hire his friends, and not to inflate his ego—but as a longtime Daytonian seeking to restore honesty, integrity and sanity to the Dayton City Commission.

Even if you disagree with his ideas, or  not approve of his tactics, you can trust that he will never lie to you, take your vote for granted, or disrespect the taxpayers of Dayton who’ve paid too much to get too little.


The Five Point Plan

Our Jails Will be Safer

Our jail is dangerous. No one should risk death for a minor crime.

Fair Use of Our Tax Dollars

Your tax dollars shouldn’t be used to put Dayton-owned businesses out of business.

No more private armies

No one should have private a police force while not paying for police to protect all of us.

Realistic Real Estate Tax

People who fix up homes shouldn’t have to pay higher taxes for their improvements.

Reduce Redundancy

We have too many governments in Montgomery County. We need to simplify and it’s easy.

Free RTA

(we already pay for it)

Less than 10% of RTA’s revenue comes from fares. Collecting and accounting for fares costs. Bringing back ads on the buses can make up the difference. Since RTA is funded by sales taxes, they will actually make money on what you save by riding.