Dee at Fresh To Def Cutz

Dee at Fresh to Def holding up his poster.

Marvin cuts my hair, but Dee and Mark are always in the house at Fresh to Def Cutz at 1700 W. Third St. Dayton Oh 45402

They’ve always got the playstation going full tilt- playing NBA 2K. Just make sure if you sit down to play- that you have the good controller (or bring your own).

If you want to make an appointment- they’ve each got their own numbers, but it’s more of a drop in kind of joint.

The guys sponsored 7 nets. Putting them as the current barber shop leaders.

Marvin keeps telling me I need to hang the nets during the day, and I keep telling him that’s my work and campaigning time- that hanging nets is after dark. But, thanks to them, I can hang 7 more.

They have the “It’s Parks and Rec, not Parks are a Wreck” poster and the “Next time a politician asks for your backing, ask them about our”- which is dedicated to Marvin who grew up playing on the courts at Burkham park.