I’m a democratic candidate for Congress. The election is Tuesday May 3.
The first story about the candidates and their positions came out in the paper on the Tuesday before. 1 week. Early voting has been on for 3 weeks.

Voters have been barraged with bad ads from crackpots funded by billionaires that don’t tell voters anything meaningful.

We need to change things up.

Instead of worrying about voter registration systems- we need a donor registration system. One that reports donations in real time, from verified donors. So the public can tell who owns their congressman.

We also seem to need to start giving political candidates tests- to make sure they know if they can take a loaded gun into an airplane or not, or if they know what the constitution actually says.

To do our part- my 501c4- Reconstructing Dayton has been out trying to get long form interviews of my competition (volunteers are learning the equipment- so unfortunately- Kirk’s camera recorded all the on screen info.)

We posted an interview with Kirk Benjamin, and will have one of Baxter Stapleton up by the end of today. And maybe even livestream mine. (So far, Jeff Hardenbrook hasn’t responded to any outreach).

I may be the first candidate you’ve ever heard of who is willing to help promote his opposition- so voters make a good choice. My ideas for a universal voter information system need to be shared and discussed. That’s what my 501(c)3 The Modern Policy Institute is set up to do.

So, forward this email to your friends so they can see what a true political disruptor can do if elected : https://electesrati.com/civicrm/mailing/forward/?reset=1&jid=&qid=&h=fakehash

You can reply back to me, if you’d like to help.

Or most importantly, you can hit the green button below and contribute to the campaign.

May 3rd Democratic voters will have 4 choices on who to advance to take on Republican Mike Turner.
No one else will go to these lengths to inform voters.

Thank you-


David Esrati

Candidate for Congress and small business.