Every day I get emails screeching that if I don’t donate X, the ________ will _______

I get them from lots of famous people, President Obama, President Biden and a whole bunch of others.

And, it makes me cringe.

Today, all the emails are about Roe V Wade. This email is not.

I’ve been in advertising or sales my entire life (except when jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for Uncle Sam). Never once did I ever try to sell something using fear.

In 1973 a creative genius, Michael Gross (who also designed the Ghostbusters logo later) did a cover for National Lampoon.

Was it effective?

“When this edition of the National Lampoon was released in Jan. 1973, it caused many readers to go into a frenzy and buy the magazine to avoid the risk of an innocent dog being killed”

So yes.

But, there’s a sad story that followed.

And to put a sad dark twist on the story, 3 years later, some sick individual went and found the dog- “Mr. Cheeseface” and killed him. Only in America. And, yes, we have a gun problem.


I love dogs. More than most people. One of the things that I would be giving up if elected is being able to take George (my dog) to work with me every day. He’s done that for the last 10 years- and I’ll miss that dearly.

But, the objective here is to get you to do one of two things. Either donate to my campaign, or tell your friends and neighbors why they should vote for me over Mike Turner this November.

Sure, I’d love it if you lived on a main street in the district- and wanted to host a sign starting on Oct 8- until Nov 9. Or, you would take some time to go knock on doors- and talk to voters. Or, maybe subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the notify bell- so you can watch my daily livestream and participate.

I won’t shoot a dog, or send a dog whistle email.


What I will do, is work hard to make sure that if elected, I’ll be the most responsive elected representative the world has seen. I’ll do a livestream every day to tell my constituents what happened that day- and I worked for them.

You can tune into my livestream these days- everyday at 4pm- M-F at www.youtube.com/c/electesrati

I hope to see you there.

Today- I’ll be talking about this very email- the use of fear in political marketing.

Thank you for being a friend and reading this far.



David Esrati

Candidate for Congress and small business.