I sat down in a really good Vietnamese sandwich shop in Westchester with Ryan Kulick, producer of the Millennial Man Podcast and High Heels and Politics podcasts to talk about my race.

Take a listen: https://www.seedsing.com/the-x-mil-man-podcast/2022/10/15/interview-with-david-esrati-democratic-party-candidate-in-ohios-10th-congressional-district

The restaurant is Paris Banh Mi, right off the Tylersville Rd Exit. I’m addicted to the number two sandwich, grilled pork on a baguette with some tangy sauces and veggies that I don’t recognize, and haven’t tried anything else on the menu yet.

I’ll be on Truman’s Town Hall live podcast on Sunday, Oct 16 at 9:45PM https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/trumans-town-hall/id1294885027