If you want to stop billionaires from buying your politicians, funk the system by voting straight D in Ohio this year.

It’s not that the Montgomery County Democratic Party is corrupt, it’s that it’s inept. No money, no resources, no organization to win elections. Their only mission is to keep the “Friends and Family” in patronage jobs (cushy government jobs awarded by elected politicians for kissing the ring) and that’s what they’ve been good at for the last 50 years.

Ohio was attacked by billionaires in a long game strategy to redistrict and gerrymander the statehouse to put Republicans in power across the state. It’s had horrific consequences for Ohio- besides the unconstitutional gerrymandered districts.

In response to the Oregon District Shooting blocks away from my home, the legislature has indeed done something- making it easier to get guns, carry them concealed and even had the bat shit crazy idea to arm teachers.

With the dropping of Roe, they tried to ban abortion in Ohio- forcing a 10 year old rape victim to go to Indiana to have an abortion.

The list goes on.

David Esrati, Democratic candidate for Congress in OH-10 (all of Montgomery & Greene Counties and parts of Clark County) worked with the following candidates to produce this request for you to Funk the System- and return the right to choose, to end gerrymandering, to advocate for responsible gun ownership- and to take the influence of Billionaires- out of the process.

Info on candidates can be found at:

Restore the power to the people. Vote Democrat Nov 8, 2022 and share this video. Find out more about all the candidates- and how this happened at https://electionsnotauctions.com

An effective political party would have tools for candidates to use, sign locations, lists of donors and backers, and the funds to coordinate efforts like this.
The only solution right now- is to make sure we get you out to vote.
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