FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     10 Jun 2022                                 CONTACT:David Esrati                                                                  937.985.1312

Dayton, Ohio – David Esrati, Democratic Congressional Candidate for Ohio’s 10th District, has proposed legislation to utilize the equal protections clause of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution to remove gun bans from Federal building and Government facilities, including airports, unless the bans are equally applied to all public spaces. Dubbed the “Equal Protection from Gun Violence Act,” the law is intended to pressure legislatures to take action in response to recent mass shootings by stripping government officials of special protections.

“If the right to bear arms is absolute, there can be no exceptions, or un-equal protection for the people in power,” Esrati stated on his campaign website. “They should feel just as safe as we, the general public do, when at school, the supermarket, at a concert, at a movie theater, in a nightclub, etc.”

In the same announcement, Esrati, an advertising executive, called for a media equivalent of “Truth in Advertising laws” which he calls “Truth in Violence laws” proposing legislation to require depictions of gun violence in movies, television, and video games to be portrayed as realistically as possible. It will also require a disclaimer in the credits detailing the associated; medical, legal, incarceration and funeral costs associated with gun violence depicted in media.

And while “thoughts and prayers” have been a standard Republican response, any half-stepping responses of “improved background checks” new restrictions on purchases by adults under 21, red flag laws, and calls to arm teachers, Esrati, a veteran, believes all weapons of modern war, including semi-automatic pistols, should be available only to those in a “well-regulated militia” requiring the equivalent training that he received in the military. Weapons would be stored in armories that are guarded around the clock; monthly training, which would always include being in uniform; and at least two members of the militia together during any training. Ammunition would be limited to 20 rounds per militia member. Each militia will bear all responsibility for any acts of violence committed with their stored weapons and must carry liability insurance. Any violations would result in all members being stood down for a period of one year.

“Of course, there are nuances that need to be discussed before this law is passed, however, the criteria of following the ideas of constitutional gun ownership will still be in effect. No one is taking away your rights to be part of a “well-regulated militia” or having the right to “bear arms”- we’re just stopping the proliferation of guns for everyone, everywhere.”

Esrati would prefer to be focused on some of his ideas to help small business like a free national payroll service and an option for small businesses to opt-in to Medicare Coverage for their employees. Abortion and gun control are “hot button issues” for single issue voters, but at some point, we have to decide which children we’re failing, because “active shooter drills” and “good guys with guns” didn’t protect the children of Uvalde, or Sandy Hook, or Stoneman Douglas or…


Esrati ran the ad at the top of his Gun Control page in the Dayton Daily News on Sunday,. June 12, 2022.

His opponent, Republican Mike Turner, a 10 term incumbent, has an “A” rating by the NRA.