Photo of Cloak and Dagger Tattoo artists, from left Owner Britton Asbury, Nathan Palmer and Steve Ratcliffe

The guys at Cloak and Dagger, from left, Britton Asbury, Nathan Palmer and Steve Ratliff,  want to to talk backboards

I was sitting at Fusian eating sushi with a friend on Wednesday night, talking about the campaign,  when the guy at the table next to me said “I’d like to sponsor some nets, come see me at Cloak and Dagger Tattoo.”

It was the owner, Britton Asbury, and on Saturday he made good on his word, sponsoring 15 nets. If you think you have long conversations with your barber- it’s nothing compared to how much you can talk to someone who’s inking you.

Cloak and Dagger has been on Brown Street for a couple of years, at 1047 Brown St. The shop’s phone is 937.222.7880 their website is at

UPDATE June 2014- they’ve moved to 1100 Wilmington Ave Dayton OH 45420

They picked the poster asking “Next time a politician asks for your backing, ask about the backboards.” Thanks guys!