Pick a Campaign

I’m running for the Dayton City Commission to put citizens in charge of their city again. Also, so I can have a platform to spread the message that government needs to work for the people. No more subsidize the wealthy at the expense of the poor. No more corporate welfare. And- most importantly- end the “culture of corruption” in Dayton Ohio where the two political parties have worked together to keep their “Friends and family” in power. I will work with Commissioners Darryl Fairchild and Shenise Turner-Sloss to “count to three” to stop the insanity.

The fact that the incumbents recently voted to spend $30K for a mediator- because Turner-Sloss and Fairchild refused to put up with the City Managers incompetence with her “Emergency Budget” vote that was a year in the making- is proof they need to go.

I’m raising funds for a 2024 repeat run against Mike Turner- our Congressman who works “for the base” and not for you. As long as the district remains gerrymandered and the local “Friends and Family” party continue their control of national and statewide assistance, we will continue to be sending candidates as sacrificial lambs.

The difference is, with the elevation to office, the media won’t be able to ignore me, nor will the DNC. Also- I can make a quarter million work like 2M. Last time out, with only $40K I out performed the corrupt gubenatorial candidate Nan Whaley in this region, despite her money and support. Imagine what happens after I win my FOIA case and the voters find out what kind of candidate the corrupt party endorsed.


Dayton City Commission


United States Congress