Dayton Ohio as Ohio's first digital cityInstead of begging Google to give us Gigabit internet (it went to Kansas City) I will work to take our existing dark fiber optic system and give Dayton a competitive advantage for tech startups by bringing the Internet, at blazing speeds, to the public at a reasonable price. This is a better investment than buying real estate that has no public purpose as the current commission has done. It’s also critical to start closing the digital divide, as well as making sure every Dayton Public Schools student has a computer and internet access to prepare them as workers of the future. Read a lot about ending the Digital Divide, or just this two posts: Why A Digital Dayton matters and Esrati plan for a digital Dayton.

We may also opt to do a municipal 5G system, or build a mesh.
Either way, you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for what should be a public utility.