“CEOs and lobbyists for Big Pharma, corporate insurers, and private hospitals have formed a front group called Partnership for America’s Healthcare Future that wants to exploit our healthcare system to make money off of keeping us sick.

I pledge to put patients over profits and not take contributions over $200 from the executives, lobbyists, and PACs affiliated with the corporate health care industry, including private insurers, pharma corporations, and private hospitals who are organizing to take over our health care system.”

By taking this pledge, the candidate or elected official agrees that they will not knowingly accept any contributions over $200 from the executives, lobbyists, or PACs affiliated with the hospital, insurance, and pharma corporations that have chosen to bankroll an effort to halt any attempts at health care reform. These corporations, which directly profit off of the pain, suffering, and, in the worst cases, death of patients, use those same profits to purchase political influence in an attempt to defend a wasteful system that is failing tens of millions of people. This pledge does not apply to rank-and-file workers who are employed by these corporations.

Find out more about this pledge and which candidates have accepted it: https://patientsoverprofits.org/

I also plan to introduce legislation to limit government funds to any healthcare company that pays their leadership more than 20X their average employees pay- this means if you receive more than 35% of your funding through medicare and claim non-profit or not- for profit operations, you will be penalized. Same goes for pharmaceutical companies that sell to the VA or to other government agencies.