Dr. Alonzo Patterson holding an Elect Esrati poster

Dr. Alonzo Patterson wants to give kids a goal worth shooting for.

Sometimes I walk into a barber shop and give my pitch and get a thank you but no, thank you. Sometimes I get, come back another time, and sometimes when you come back, you end up talking to the people in the barber shop more than the barbers.
That’s what happened yesterday when I ran into Dr. Alonzo Patterson, a pediatrician with offices in Wright Dunbar. He listened to my pitch and said “I only have $25 in my pocket, but you can have it all.” He really liked what I was doing.

We talked about the state of the parks, and the recent flap over the methadone clinic at St. E’s. Apparently he hadn’t heard that Premier was getting the go-ahead while Project Cure wasn’t. Maybe, he’ll start reading Esrati.com from now on so he can stay informed.

By sponsoring nets, he wasn’t saying he’d vote for me. But, he did like what I was doing. He wanted to send a message to his friends Jeff and Joey that our kids need nets. We’ll see if they start paying attention. After I was done making the shop rounds, I hung another 3 nets, 2 at Mallory Park, replaced one at DeSoto Bass courts.

Thanks for your support Dr. Patterson.