Today, I was told by a Political Action Committee “we think your district is flippable from Red to Blue, but…”

I didn’t have endorsement of other elected officials.
I didn’t have support from the State or National Party.
I didn’t have endorsements of unions.
I didn’t raise enough money yet.

What I need is about $5K to get started – to target big donors with a video that convinces them to donate.

Martin Sheen said no to being my shill.

So, I’m here asking you for help.
For about $1500 I can run this ad this Sunday in the Dayton Daily News. Now, why would I do that- as an ad man? Because, I haven’t gotten press coverage- and the people who read the paper are older, vote, and have money- and are probably tired of reading about politicians waffling on guns.

Here’s the ad. And the page it’s going to lead to.
The page hasn’t been gussied up-
it’s not easily findable.
But- it’s there- and you are the first people I’m asking what do you think? And are these ideas worth funding?

The PAC doesn’t think so.

I didn’t kiss the right rings.

Thank you



David Esrati

Candidate for Congress and small business.