All Cuts Barber Shop

From Left: Bernie Smith, Jason Gray, Daryll Harrison and Stacey Clark- they all think rims should have nets

Across from the closed bowling alley on Klepinger is All Cuts Barber Shop. You can’t really see the shop from Siebenthaler, it’s tucked back behind the building that faces the Kroger fuel station. It’s a big shop- old school- with each chair with a sports team logo on it. When I walked in and started my pitch Stacey turned down the radio and everyone focused in and bought in.

Everyone wanted a poster- Bernie wanted 2. We talked about what the city finds money for- and what we’ve been skipping- like hanging nets on rims and taking care of our parks.

The shop is at 3535 Klepinger, 45416, and the phone is 937-277-2728- stop in and admire the posters, and get a great haircut.