Yesterday, I probably emailed you twice.

Same message.

I’m sorry. I also managed to stick your first name in the subject line 3x. Whoops.

Some of you reached out to tell me my email wasn’t right.
Another wanted a one liner about my campaign.

The former grand puba of the local Dem party- wrote me back not once, but 3x- starting with this:

I am very disappointed in your behavior. I once gave you credit for trying innovative things but you have become so bitter you attack the very people with whom you  should be friends.  You don’t care about our party or the “people”. You only care about yourself. You insult people, you treat them like dirt. Everyone is corrupt according to you.  I’m sorry David but maybe you could be more productive if you were more positive.

This is why Mike Turner has been in congress for 20 years.

The local dem party has failed to engage, encourage and energize candidates- instead, picking and choosing those who “play by the rules.”

Last Thursday night- they told a well qualified Black woman- that she should wait her turn. 45 people in a back room- had the gaul to think they could pick a judge for the whole county.

Watch most of this meeting here:

I’ve been fighting this establishment for over 25 years.

And, when it comes to running against a Trumper- I sure as shit plan on taking the gloves off.

There are candidates who may think that “nice” wins-
but that’s not what I learned in the Army- or in 35 years in business in a community where being blackballed is a very real consequence of fighting the people in power.

I can see who clicks on links- I can see who opens these emails- I can see who donates.
I also know how to target voters by individual IP address- with different messages and do all the things it will take to make Mike Turner wish someone else was running against him.

But- for that I need your help.
Please consider donating-

Despite my failings- I did recieve my largest donation ever from the first mailing- $750. Restores my faith in my beliefs. Thank you YS!

Please tell your friends about my race. Get them to donate.

I promise to be much nicer to people who help me beat Mike Turner- instead of those who just think this is all paddy-cakes for neophytes.


David Esrati