You may wonder why I’m running for Congress this year.

We still don’t even know what the final boundaries of the district are.

There are three other democrats running.
Mike Turner has a million bucks- and no democratic opponent has come within 12 points of him in the election- no matter what they spend.

The local dem party isn’t interested in new voices- or new ideas. Or winning.

I went to the screening committee Wednesday night- and told them they shouldn’t endorse, but instead work to get people to vote in the primary and inform voters that they have 4 choices, and to learn as much about the candidates as they could.

They’ll hate this- but, I published my responses (which they promised other candidates they’d destroy at the end of their meeting- god knows why). And- I recorded my speech. You can check that out here:

The goal has never been to represent the people- It’s been to get the “Friends and Family” in power- with the patronage jobs filled by loyalist hacks.

None of that has changed.

There was a showdown in the Party meeting last night- where they fought over who they should pick for judge- and they thought that the 45 odd voting members should make the decision for every Dem in the county. I’ll have that video later.

I’ve watched as the party failed to mount a credible challenge to Turner, time after time.

The last candidate, walked into town straight out of Georgetown law- and thought she was the one. This time, a local boy comes back from LA- and declares he’s the candidate. He was getting signatures in bars, and talking about “Family, Faith and Freedom” and even considering being an AJ Wagner dem- ie  pro-life.

He announced in September- and still hadn’t posted any positions.

I wasn’t sure he’d even make it on the ballot.

I got my signatures- and so did 2 others- an unknown Kirk Benjamin and Jeff Hardenbrook who ran for Dayton School board and against Boehner twice. Hardenbrook screened- no one has made contact with Kirk.

So, now- I’m in a 4 way race- to go on to challenge Mike Turner.

People will say this race is unwinnable by anyone- except maybe Dave Chappelle.

I tried talking Dave into running one night about 5 years ago- until after about 3 hours of answering his questions, he said he couldn’t do it. I asked why? His response was classic Dave- “because I’d have to work with 434 idiots for at least 2 years.”

So, when it comes to my race- I plan on sticking to one subject- supporting small business. I’ve got one issue that I think I can sell to everyone except Intuit, ADP and Paychex- a no-charge  government portal to manage payroll taxes. No more tax on small business to pay their payroll taxes.

There’s a few other points- like leveling the playing field with an end to the “silver bullet” government infusion of tax dollars into private business- like the Intel deal in Columbus- or the buying of NCR’s relocation by the State of Georgia.

I’d also like to make health care available to all small businesses- via a medicare buy in option. It’s time to remember where most of the jobs come from in America- and it’s not the wizards of Wall Street and stock optioned C-corps.

I plan on hammering Mike Turner with facts about how he has basically been a Trumper and a pawn of the Military Industrial complex.

I also see this run as a way of promoting the plans of my 501c3- The Modern Policy Institute– which will help democratize elections and put the power back into the hands of the people. Think verified, real time donations, a true, verified voter information system, and ranked choice voting.

You’ve donated or volunteered in the past. I’ve got a short window to make it past the primary tentatively scheduled for May 3rd. But, I can’t do it without your help.
Early money is everything. Please consider a donation-

And ask your friends to chip in as well.

BTW- as another testament to why we need real time donations managed by the FEC- two payment processors aren’t releasing funds in a timely manner. So- a check is best right now, but, still fill out the form.

I may not beat Turner- but, my goal is to make sure that voters in OH-10 know why Mike Turner really doesn’t represent them and that he’s not their friend.

Here’s my first video for the campaign- please watch, like, share, subscribe.

Thank you.


David Esrati