A lot of money was spent in the 2013 city commission election- but not by me.
I committed to run for less than $10,000 in cash and $10,000 in in-kind donations.

I raised and spent $10,000. A lot of it went toward putting up 300 basketball nets, 3 rims at Princeton Recreation Center - things that made Dayton a better place to live.

I lost.

Selling our office to the highest bidder is un-American and un-democratic.

My literature has never been written in bullet-points, and my picture isn't the biggest thing on it. What I bring to every commission race is new ideas and a new level of transparency. I video taped every single candidates night- and uploaded them to youtube.

I'm not running again until either 2015 for the seats held by Dean Lovelace and Matt Joseph, unless, Dean resigns early. It doesn't hurt to have money in the campaign in advance, however, this year, I'm going to focus on basketball programs and nets again.

Thank you for your donation. Please also consider volunteering.


David Esrati

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